Valvoline - Glass cleaning fluid (screenwasher)

Valvoline Screenwasher Antifreeze is a powerful blue liquid which cleans and degreases the windscreen of your car and prevents freezing of the windscreen and screenwash reservoir. Special ingredients ensure a clean and clear windscreen for improved vision. Valvoline Screenwasher Antifreeze is available concentrated version. Contains powerful cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt, grime and insect deposits from
windscreens without smearing, for better and safer visibility in all driving conditions.

Excellent cleaning power
Reliable frost protection
Friendly for car paint and polycarbonates
Up to -50°C freezing protection
Pleasant scent
Suitable for screenwash systems of all major car manufacturers

Easy to use:
Mix the concentrate to the right mixing ratio
with water and pour the mixture into the
screen washer reservoir.
Frost protection mixture ratios:
- Concentrate 100% -50ºC
- Mixture 1:1 -20°C
- Mixture 1:2 -15ºC.

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