comline - Жидкость для тормозов и сцепления Comline DOT 4


Comline Brake Fluid Dot 4 is a high performance product, especially developed for hydraulic brake systems of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mopeds, scooters, forklift trucks and motorcycles in both drum brake and disc brake systems (with and without ABS/ASR).


·       Provides maximum protection against rust

·       Offers an optimum acceptance and transfer of heat

·       Brake Fluid Dot 4 will not affect seals, metals or alloys

·       Wear is reduced to a minimum

·       Brake Fluid Dot 4 is stable and will not cause any deposits

·       Guarantees excellent performance under cold climate conditions

·       High 'wet boiling point' which prevents vapour lock at intensive braking

Performance Leve

SAE J1704

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